This is for the mom that's tried diet after diet, workout after workout, program after program & is tired of losing lbs & gaining them back & still isn't in shape!

There's HOPE for moms

who've spent years dieting, cutting out carbs, eating bland, starving themselves, obsessing over the "cheat day" and doing hours of sweaty & boring cardio without seeing results.



sound on for a quick message from Michelle

Fit Mom For Life has helped over 200,000 moms get in better shape than before having kids without crazy dieting, no deprivation or counting calories, without giving up favorite foods and while working out less than 3 hours per week.

  • I used to do hours upon hours of cardio per week...

(no changes)

  • I used to try to eat less and less...

(only to end up binge eating after)

  • I used to not eat carbs..

(only to crave them more)

  • I used to punish myself with exercise...

(every time I ate something "bad")

  • I tried every group workout class, fad workout, bootcamp...

(but didn't enjoy them and was never able to be consistent)

I was frustrated that I saw no changes & often thought to myself...

"Will I ever not feel like I'm on a diet". "Will I ever feel like I got there, like I felt good about myself".



Most women struggle to lose weight & keep it off because the way they lose it is UNREALISTIC. I couldn't lose weight & keep it off. I worked out & didn't look like it. I felt like the only way to lose weight was to not eat carbs, or have a cocktail, and I hated living for the "cheat day".



I was tired of drinking coffee when I was hungry (to not eat), or chewing gum to stretch the time until my next meal. I was tired of trying different workout classes and sweating my butt off on the cardio machines only to continue to walk into my closet and STILL not be able to wear anything comfortably.

I was frustrated that I was working out so much and it felt like all I ate was salads but I didn't look like it.

I didn't like what I saw in the mirror, I didn't feel comfortable naked in front of my husband... All I wanted is to look fit and healthy and sexy... like those "Fit Moms on social media".

Let me ask you a few questions...

  • When will it be mama's turn to look and feel amazing?​

  • Would it feel good to be able to wear anything in the closet comfortably?

  • What would it feel like if hubby couldn't keep his hands off ?

  • What would it look like to be a confident mom?​

  • How would that affect the kids?​

  • What would people say if you got in better shape than before kids?​

  • What would it be worth to look in the mirror & love accept what you see?

I created Fit Mom For Life because I got tired of seeing weight loss programs everywhere that looked the same and left women frustrated... Losing weight and gaining it back.

Tons of workouts, recipes, meal plans... But no strategy. No guidance on helping you incorporate it into your busy mom-life. No strategies & tips to actually speed metabolism to make fat burning easier and faster. No tips to ignite muscle building in order to actually look like you workout.

I've been a personal trainer for over 20 years. I have worked with hundreds of thousands of women one-on-one

Trainers used to always ask me...

"Michelle, how come your clients always look so good, they have amazing transformations and actually look toned and fit, how do you do it".

Here's what makes me different & how that has helped my clients ACTUALLY change their lifestyles enough to see results

(lose weight, drop dress sizes, tone up, feel confident and fit).

I have studied exercise science and nutrition for 20 years.

I didn't just lose weight and become a "famous Instagram Fit Girl". I didn't just get certified in 2 hours and claim to be a fitness guru because I have a lot of followers.... NO! I have studied the human body, exercise and nutrition for 2 decades. My strategies are PROVEN.

So, why do my clients get better results than 99% of trainers out there.Because it's SO much more than just a workout and a diet. Imagine, you workout 3-4 hours a week whether with a trainer or not.

There's 168 hours in a week. If I don't learn how to make the right choices and do the right things the other 160ish hours of the week, then how the heck do you see results?

What I do, is I teach all those secrets, tips and strategies that only the top fitness professionals know. So that you can actually benefit from your 3-5 workouts per week because you are doing the right things the rest of the time. It's all inside of Fit Mom For Life.

And while there are tons of workouts and diets inside, the GOLD is in all the secrets that I've learned in the last 20 years of my career of training from the stay at home mom to celebrities and professional athletes. Tried and tested!

And I don't just throw all the information at you. I know you're a mom, and busy. I help you make it livable and realistic for your life.

The reality is...

If you can't be consistent with the workouts and diets and SECRET strategies, you won't be able to see results.

It will just be another "lost 5 lbs and gained 10 back".

It's time to stop the unrealistic workout plans, diets, detoxes, bootcamps & trainers that make it hard to not only get the results... but sustain them!

It's time to put an end to the diets, the 4-6-8-12 week exercise programs, the painful detoxes, the unrealistic meal plans, the expensive pills & nasty shakes, the excruciatingly painful and long bootcamps and workout classes that aren't enjoyable.

No more sacrificing mom, her needs, desires, and aspirations!

NOW is the time to start a lifestyle that is balanced, enjoyable & sustainable.

One where there is no starvation, no deprivation, no over-exercising. A program... more like a lifestyle backed by over 20 years of knowledge, research & experience.

Fit Mom For Life doesn't just help lose weight, most women end up toned and more FIT than ever. The workouts inside the program are the BEST kind of workouts for leaning & toning. The strategy we use to create the workouts ensure the body never plateaus and continues to see results. These workouts have been tried and tested on thousands of women.

Every Mom Desires To Be Sexy, Fit, Confident & Full Of Energy!

The talk of the town... The envy of other mothers...

Why is it so hard?

The problem is that moms have a very busy life and WITHOUT a strategy and a plan that is realistic & maintainable, it's close to impossible to workout or "diet" long enough to see results, let alone maintain them.


So much more than just a workout & diet plan!

It's like having your own personal trainer, nutritionist

& life coach but way cheaper!

Fit Mom For Life transforms busy moms who want to lose weight, get fit, and feel comfortable in their own skin into FIERCE MOMS who are in better shape than before kids.

whats included

Quick-Tone Workout Series

Unlimited Workout Plans: Video Demonstrations for every exercise, Printable workouts, Workouts Accessible and Viewable in any device.

Never get tired or bored of doing the same workout:

  • Full Body Fat Burning Workouts

  • Bodyweight Home Workouts

  • Muscle Toning Workouts

  • Muscle Building Workouts

  • Strength Workouts

  • ​20 Minute Full Body Home Workouts

  • ​20 Minute Upper Body Home Workouts

  • ​20 Minute Legs & Butt Home Workouts

  • ​Cardio Workouts

  • ​Core Workouts

  • ​HIIT Workouts

The Trim-Down Nutrition Series

What Top Experts Know, That You Don't: Systems, tips, strategies and shortcuts to dropping pounds by igniting fat burning with the right combinations of foods, timing, preparation and eating.

Just a few of the weight loss strategies inside:

  • The Carb Manipulation System

  • The BURN Method to losing weight without feeling hungry.

  • Craving Crusher Method

  • Best times to eat, when to stop eating, & best foods to eat and why.

  • The Cut-Out Foods List: foods that when eaten make it impossible to lose weight.

  • Getting the entire family to buy into the new way of eating.

Healthy Cooking Made Easy Series

Healthy Cooking Strategies For Busy Moms: Even moms who don't like or know how to cook will be killin' it in the kitchen and with ease...

Actionable strategies to save you time:

  • How to add flavor without calories.

  • How to plan & prep meals by using your phone (best free App for grocery list making).

  • Craving Crusher Method

  • Best times to eat, when to stop eating, & best foods to eat and why.

  • Getting the entire family to buy into the new way of eating.

  • Master Food Labels so choosing the right products is a no-brainer.

Mouth Watering Healthy Recipes

Endless Healthy Recipes: meal plan calendars, recipes, shopping lists, healthy weeknight meals and over 300 swap out quick & easy recipes.

Full video recipe sections include:

  • ​Proteins: Chicken, Turkey, Fish, Steak

  • Healthy Carbs: Beans, Potatoes, Rice, Quinoa, Pasta

  • Desserts & Snacks

  • Breakfast Dishes

  • Protein Shakes

Stronger Together Community

Accountability & Support: Get access to an Exclusive Group of moms to keep you motivated, inspired and continuing to see results.

Exclusive Community & Support Group:

  • Exclusive Access to Michelle Marie.

  • Support from other like-minded moms.

  • Get all your questions answered.

  • Access to the Fierce Mom Tracker.

  • First dibs on new products/programs/supplements with exclusive deals.


Forever Updates: there is so much content in this program, but we will continue to update and add to it with the latest information, tips, and strategies so that there is only one place you will ever have to go for your Fiercely Fit Mom needs.

Wait... there's more!

9 Free Crazy Good



Moms are busy, we just are, which makes it hard to make time for ourselves. I will give you a mind set shift that will allow you to GUILTLESSLY invest more time in yourself.


Get legit techniques to crush cravings so you can make better eating choices, plus learn how to feel satisfied all the time (includes ridiculously mouth-watering 100% healthy dessert recipes.



Find out the kind of cardio that burns 9x's more fat than any other and get 7 cardio workouts to go with it.


4 months of meal plans with amazing recipes and done for you shopping lists (includes BONUS workouts for each month).


Over 300 healthy and easy recipes that you can swap out for any of your meal plans or to just try out on a busy weeknight.



The secret to being able to eat out and enjoy hanging out socially while not hurting your weight loss improvement.



7 easy and delicious healthy breakfast recipes to make waking up early worth it.


Get a checklist of what gear you need to workout and great stores to shop at for affordable deals.


Get a checklist of all the hair, skin, make-up, products I use to help moms keep their glow no matter how tired they are. (kids products included also, and updated on a regular basis as Michelle has new finds).

The Fit Mom for Life Difference

First of all... this is not just "for women"... it's for MOMS!

  • I know what a moms body goes through!

  • I know how crazy busy a moms life is!

  • I know how hard it is to juggle it all!

  • I know how frustrating it is to workout and diet and not see results!

But I have all the SECRETS from 20 years as a FITNESS & HEALTH COACH, after working with THOUSANDS of women, from Mary Jane down the block, to athletes and celebrities... Having learned from the greatest minds in the industry.

Every stage of motherhood has its challenges... from newborn mama's to teenager mama's, to empty nesters, it is difficult to juggle staying fit, keeping an organized home, being present for the kids, work, have a social life and staying sane.

So How Does A Busy Mom REALLY Get In Better Shape Than Before Kids?


In this method I show how to turn the body into a fat burning machine by working out less & doing the right kind of workouts.

With this method you learn how to combine the right foods to create the perfect meal plan while staying satisfied, energized and actually happy about "EATING HEALTHY" so that losing weight is easy and keeping the weight off is even easier.

The "Trim Down Series" inside the FIERCE METHOD goes beyond nutrition & exercise...

I reveal secrets such as:

How to eat for fat loss while feeling satisfied

and not deprived

​Advanced Fat Burning Strategy by manipulating carbohydrates but never feeling hungry

Which foods burn more calories than others

​How to eat out the right way

​How late can you eat?

​How to lose weight without counting calories

​Should you do low carbs?

​Advanced strategy to lose weight

​How to cut cravings while still indulging

​Why breakfast is so important and what to eat.

If all I did was..

  • Help you be more productive and efficient with your time so that you had more time for you

would this be worth it?​

  • Help you figure out a way to workout, cook and eat healthy while still being a great mom

would this be worth it?​

  • Help you no longer feel guilty for taking care of yourself

would this be worth it?​

  • Help you find the way to cook and eat healthy & exercise more consistently

would this be worth it?​

  • Help you find ways to feed your family meals they enjoyed and are healthier than they've ever eaten

would this be worth it?​

  • Help you realize that it's ok to want to look and feel better and that makes you an even better mom

would this be worth it?​

  • Help you to kill cravings so you could eat healthier

would this be worth it?​

Everything Included

Everything Included

  • Quick Tone Workout Series (value $997)

  • ​​The Trim Down Nutrition Series (value $497)

  • Healthy Cooking Made Easy Series (value $197)

  • Mouth Watering Healthy Recipes & Meal Plans (value $197)

  • ​​We're Stronger Together Exclusive Community (value $197)

  • Forever Updates (value PRICELESS)

Plus 9 Crazy Good Bonuses...

Plus 9 Crazy Good Bonuses...

  • Fit Mom Make-Time Jumpstart (value $47)

  • ​The Craving Crusher System (value $67)

  • The Burn 9x's More Fat Blueprint (value $47)

  • ​Fierce Mom Meal Planner (value $37)

  • ​Eat To Be Fit Healthy Recipe Book (value $17)

  • ​The Eat Out Lean Out Method (value $37)

  • ​Lean Breakfast Buffet (value $17)

  • Fierce Mom Workout Gear Checklist (value $17)

  • Beauty Secrets Revealed (value $47)

Total Value: $2,497

— 92% OFF—

Get Started TODAY

for only $1!


Backed by a fully-refundable 30-day guarantee!


You're Probably Thinking

NO. 01

Will I actually be able to stick to this?

Yes! I break it down so easily and make it so realistic and attainable, that's why thousands of busy moms have been able to do this. I will give you the blueprint to incorporating every aspect of this weight loss journey into your busy life so that you can once and for all be consistent.

NO. 02

Is this just another "Instagram or Facebook girl" scamming me?

Ugh, that annoys me too... But no, I have actually been a fitness & health coach for over 20 years and have over 15 accredited certifications and have worked with over 250,000 women.

NO. 03

Will I have time for this?

That's actually why this program is different. I'm not just handing you a workout and diet, I am going to walk you through how to integrate it into your busy life so that it's totally do-able.

NO. 04

Will I have to cook separately for my family?

Are you kidding? No way, the entire family will love the meal plans.

My kids do :)

NO. 05

What if I have diet restrictions.... gluten, dairy, vegetarian?

Every meal plan can be modified. There's endless amounts of recipes that will never go away and you can access always.

NO. 06

This won't work for me, I've tried so many things already?

They were probably not realistic & maintainable for a busy mom. You may have not applied all the things needed to lose weight and tone up... The right kind of workouts... with the right intensity... that change at the right time, the right nutrition plan for you that can be done without starving, cutting out food groups and that tastes so good you could eat like that forever, and a community and coach to support you.

NO. 07

I've never been able to tone up, how will this help me?

Most women have never done the right kind of workouts, nor worked out at the right intensity, nor created a challenge in the right time window, nor done them long enough to see results. This is exactly what I teach inside Fit Mom For Life, plus endless amounts of workouts so you never get bored.

NO. 08

What if I like doing my local group classes or Beach Body type video workouts?

You can continue to do them with Fit Mom For Life. As long as you also incorporate the Quick Tone Workout Series. If you love them, keep doing them but there is so much inside the program that will just exponentially give you results.

NO. 09

What if I plan on having more kids?

Well then even more reason to get in the best shape ever so that the next pregnancy is that much better and that much easier to get the pounds off postpartum.

NO. 10

What if I've never been in good shape, will I be able to do this?

Absolutely, thousands of women have done this who never worked out in their lives. I walk moms through every single thing they need to know to ensure they get results. It's like cliff notes for getting in shape but better :)

Every woman deserves to be the BEST version of herself...


A Super Fit, Energetic Mom, A Sexy Wife, A Confident Friend & An Organized Home-Maker.

No more holding back...

No more putting mom last...

No more settling...

No more having to deal with insecurities and comparisons...

What is a fierce Mom?

  • A mom that does not and will not SETTLE for what society expects from her. Deep down inside she knows she is capable and worthy of more.

  • A mom that has her **** together. Whether a stay at home mom or a working mom, her home & life feel organized and balanced. Not because she is perfect, but because she is STRATEGIC & intentional with her days. She recognizes the importance of daily routines, prioritizing and creating habits.

  • A mom that is CONFIDENT in her choices. She adores her children to infinity and beyond, but this doesn't stop her from prioritizing herself.

  • She is a confident mother even if society blames for for being selfish for caring for herself because she understands the impact that her being healthy, fit and balanced has on her husband and children.

  • A mom that doesn't make EXCUSES. She doesn't use motherhood as an excuse to not continue to grow and become a better version of herself and do something of significance because she knows she is a daughter of God and he created her for a purpose.

  • A mom that lives with PURPOSE. She won't settle for good when she is capable of greatness. She embraces the fact that when God made her a mother, he gave her SUPER POWERS to achieve & be able to do things she never thought possible. She doesn't hide behind motherhood, rather she uses it as ammunition to be even more AMAZING.

  • A mom that is FULL OF GRACE. She is strong, she is courageous, she is valiant, she is blessed but the greatest of her virtues is GRACE.Because she knows while she can not be perfect, in God's eyes she is imperfectly perfect and she is willing to show herself grace and grant grace to other mothers.

  • ​A mom that DOESN'T HATE. She LIFTS UP. She is kind and throws around kindness like confetti. She is real with other moms. She encourages them, empathizes and sympathizes with them, knowing that one day she may need another FIERCE MOM to lift her up.

It's time to step into the SUPER MOM...

the "FIERCE MOM" inside of you!

Here's How We Stack Up

What if you could be part of a community that you could rely on forever?

A place you could get ALL your questions answered!

ONE place you can find the BEST and LATEST:

  • Nutrition Strategies

  • Weight Loss Methods

  • Supplement Tips

  • Organization Methods

  • Mom Hacks

  • Workout Programs {at-home, gym, bodyweight, travel, HIIT, core, cardio}

  • Productivity Systems

  • Healthy Cooking Strategies

  • Meal Planning

  • Healthy Recipes

  • Tips For Your Kids

  • Beauty Secrets

Basically everything you need to be a Fierce Mom!

Who is this for?

  • Moms who have never worked out consistently.

  • ​Moms who workout a lot but never see results.

  • ​Moms that do A LOT of cardio but never see changes.

  • ​Moms who feel like they don't eat a lot but the scale never moves.

  • ​Moms who are tired of dieting and feeling deprived.

  • ​Moms who are afraid to lift weights for fear of "getting big".

  • ​Moms who want to be toned but nothing they've tried helps.

  • ​Moms who desire to look & feel like they did before having kids (or better).

  • ​Moms who know they are capable of more, but don't know what else to do.

  • ​Moms that are in shape but want to get in even better shape.

  • ​Moms that are bored of the same routine and the same "diet food".

For women who say:

  • Wish I could put on anything in my closet and feel good.

  • ​Wish I had confidence to put a bathing suit on.

  • ​I want to feel sexy and attractive for my husband.

  • ​Wish I had more energy.

  • ​I'm tired of dieting, I hate feeling deprived.

  • ​I'm tired of workouts and classes and bootcamps that don't give me results.

  • ​I exercise a lot but see no results.

  • ​I've never weight lifted before & I'm scared.

  • ​I'm so disorganized, I can't find time to eat healthy & workout.

  • ​I'm so busy I don't have time to do what it takes to be fit.

Why is Fit Mom to Be Worth It?

With Fit Mom For Life, you get unlimited amounts of workouts that you can basically do for the rest of your life without repeating any and you also have choices to make in your workouts depending on your specific goal.

no cookie cutter workout for everyone.

And unlike most other "influencer/guru" programs that give you a set of workouts and meal plans for the month and the following month you lose access to what you paid for...

With Fit Mom For Life, you get access to all of it and it never goes away.

Why other programs aren't good for you

Programs Like Beachbody...

These are anywhere from $60-$100 with S&H and they are all between 21 day and 90 day programs. Meaning, after the 21-90 days, you just repeat the same exact program over and over again. But did you know that your body adapts to exercise every 4 weeks.

If you don't change up your workout routine you will reach the dreaded plateau.... no more changes!

Instagram & Facebook "Gurus"

I've also done my research and found plenty of Instagram and Facebook "Gurus"... which most of them don't have the proper education or long enough experience to be training people but have

4,6,8, 12 week programs out there all starting over the price of this program. And you only get that amount of weeks of workouts... no diet, no support.

About Michelle Marie

  • ​I'm nearly 40 years old.

  • ​I have 2 kids.​

  • My kids' lives involve baseball, cheerleading, dance, tutoring.

  • ​I work full time.​

  • I love food & enjoy eating a bit too much.​

  • I've been a personal trainer for over 20 years.​

  • I have 11 Certifications.

  • ​I've trained several celebrities.​

  • I'm in better shape now after kids than when I was in my 20's.​

  • I only exercise 3-4 days a week (between 20-60 minutes).

  • ​I only do things I enjoy.​

  • I start my day in prayer/devotion/worship.

Ever wish you knew what trainers know?

Fit Mom For Life will reveal MORE information & tools than MOST PERSONAL TRAINERS know so that even the most out of shape mom can finally step into the fit mom life that most have given up on.

I invite you to join the...

"IT'S NOT OK" MOVEMENT, and become a "FIERCE MOM".

I created this movement for all the women that go to bed almost every night with "mom-guilt", not feeling "GOOD ENOUGH".

  • I didn't have enough energy for my kids.

  • ​I didn't exercise so I have no confidence.

  • ​I didn't have time to cook a healthy meal for myself or my family.

  • ​I don't feel sexy

  • ​I didn't sleep enough.

  • ​I didn't drink enough water.

  • ​I didn't organize the house enough.

  • ​I didn't do enough.

  • ​I procrastinated.

  • ​I wasn't present enough.

  • ​I don't feel comfortable in my own skin

  • I didn't reach my goal.

  • ​I don't feel good about myself.

  • ​I'm not where I want to be.

  • ​I feel blah....

Society wants us to use all the excuses why it's ok to be and feel like a "HOT MESS".


It's not ok, NOT because we need to be perfect...

And we do need to give ourselves GRACE as being a mother and juggling everything we do is really hard.

But I know how bad it felt when...

  • I didn't feel good enough.

  • I didn't feel good about my body.

  • I didn't like the way clothes fit, so I didn't want to go out.

  • I didn't have energy.

  • I felt like my husband didn't find me attractive anymore.

  • Every night I replayed all the things I didn't do to make myself better.

Feeling like a "hot mess"and not being the best version of YOU doesn't make women feel good at the end of the day...

We have to tell ourselves... IT'S NOT OK! In order to break the cycle and make a change.

I want more for myself! I deserve more! I want to be the best version of me!It will make a positive impact on the rest of my family.

Often women feel like a failure. And it's not ok to feel that way.

There is a FIERCE MAMA inside of every woman and it feels so dang good.